Liga Colombiana Drone Racing (LCDR)

The biggest drone racing championship in Latin America.​

February 25 - 24, 2024 Chia - Colombia

Sponsors and support

For 2 days the best pilots will meet in the city of Chia - Colombia in the central stadium where the largest Spanish-speaking Drone Racing competition will take place.

Get your tickets

Early bird 1: 70 USD from August 1 to August 31, 2023

Early bird 2: 80 USD from September 1 to September 29, 2023

Early bird 3: 90 USD from October 1 to January 30, 2023

Ticket without discount: 100 USD from 1 February to 11 February 24, 2024

Ticket per pilot*

Event features:

The event will be have two pilot class (pro pilots and sport class)
VTX in raceband 1, 3, 6 and 7, HDZero, Analogo and DJI.

Charging points will be provided at the Gemfan station, each pilot must carry a properly marked charger and batteries.

The general rules and regulations for participation are listed in the championship regulations of the Liga Colombiana Drone Racing.

To participate in the event, the pilot must perform the following steps:

1. Entrance fee

2. Once the payment is confirmed, the organization will add the pilot to the event in MultiGP

Official track

The track is officially published in Velocidrone so you can practice and get ready to compete. Here you are, the track layout and the plan.

TinyWhoop Night Beer
Only pilots who register and buy tickets for the Drone Racing championship will have access to the TinyWhoop night event in a bar that will be prepared with a circuit to enjoy and fly with all the pilots on the night of February 24 from 8:00 p.m. until 00:00.


Rules event

The rules that will be used in general for the race is that of the LCDR, which is published in the following link, which is a reference for the MultiGP regulations.

For LATAM 2024 there will be additional clauses to be taken into account by the pilots.

Rules - LATAM

- Pilots who return with DJI have to carry a video system to download the video to an external device in real time for the judges, if they do not have this system they will not be able to participate.

- In the practice period of the 24th and 25th, groups of pilots will be created that will not change during this time so that the pilots know the track and do their warm-up.

- Pilot area, the maximum pilot is allowed to be a companion in the area that will be previously identified.

- The snack area are for the exclusive use of the pilots.

- All batteries and chargers must be previously marked for easy identification. LCDR is not responsible for loss of equipment in the field.

- No additional repair time will be allowed between intervals and competition heats, so it is recommended to go with more than one drone to avoid losing heats.

- In practice, two consecutive batteries will be flown per heat, the pilot must have them on hand to make the change when starting the next one and must have them available when calling the track.

- The LCDR will place a board where the groups can be viewed at any time and will inform the pilots in which group they were placed only once, in case the pilot does not hear or is not present at the time of the warning, they will be able to consult the board, It is the pilot's responsibility to know which group he is in for his respective call.

- The Antennas and VTX must be well configured, VTX tables must be in accordance with the hardware and linear tables are not accepted.

- In OSD, power and VTX channel must be displayed.

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